Up till now the school offers two undergraduate programs (English for Business and English with Translation Focus). Relying on our school’s outstanding language courses and integrating Economics and Management courses provided by relevant advanced programs in SWUFE, we have cultivated 1630 undergraduate students into versatile and application-oriented talents with solid language foundation, rich economic and management knowledge, international perspective and cross-cultural communication ability. They have found careers in various organizations and companies, including financial sectors, multinational corporations, and foreign affairs departments, foreign agencies in China, government sectors, as well as colleges and universities.

After years’ of improvement, the curriculum and teaching methodology applied in the undergraduate program for English majors now feature the following characteristics:

1. Solid language foundation. In light of the fact that solid language skill and knowledge are the core competence for English majors to be internationally equipped, School of Foreign Language for Business makes a point of consolidating the basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating) of the learners.

2. Business feature. The undergraduate program also includes practical courses in Finance that are taught in English. This shows a blending of language and business.

3. Quality orientation. Courses of liberal arts, culture and all-around quality training are also a part of the undergraduate program.

4. Teaching by practicing. Language proficiency and creative thinking are acquired through various programs, such as contests, creative research projects, social activities, work placement, etc. so that students can be more adaptable to real work environment. The school intensifies the integration and optimization of course. So far, a complete and interlinked three-module curriculum system that combines English language, business knowledge and all-around quality has been established.

Besides, School of Foreign Language for Business has abundant advanced teaching and research facilities. We now have an online foreign language multimedia teaching lab r, 13 modern language laboratories and an Online Foreign Language Student Independent-Study Center. In the past four years, five language labs, one simultaneous interpretation lab, one digital language lab and four foreign language independent-study rooms have been built and put to use. In addition to these learning facilities, teachers and students can also access 29 different Chinese academic journals on foreign languages, 14 international academic foreign language journals, three foreign language newspapers, a great number of books and e-books on foreign literature, as well as library databases for research and study.



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