Presentation Skills for Academic and Professional Situaations by Dr. Paul Breen

Topic: Presentation Skills for Academic and Professional Situaations

Speaker: Dr. Paul Breen

Host: Porf. Yang Yuhong,  Faculty of International Studies

Time: Dec.19th, 2023  19:00-20:30

Platform and meeting ID: Tencent meeting, 769-965-247


Dr Paul Breen is a Senior Lecturer and Digital Learning Developer with University College, London (UCL). He holds a PHD in Education from the University of Manchester where his research focused on teacher development and educational technology in the context of English for Academic Purposes. Aside from this, he is also a published author of fiction, academic publications and textbooks. He is interested in language, culture and society. Earlier in his teaching career he worked in South Korea and Australia. He has also worked with several Chinese universities on the basis of consultancy and academic exchange. Added to this, he has appeared in both print and broadcast media in the UK on a regular basis, often appearing on television and radio to talk about issues relating to language and culture.


This lecture is one that will help students with presentation and speaking skills in formal and academic situations. It will be engaging and informative with a real world focus. It will cite examples of good practice in presentations and offer tips and advice on how to improve presentation skills. Further to this, the presentation will help build awareness of academic and professional expectations in western culture, offering benefit to those who want to work or travel abroad. Additionally, it will be of benefit to students in terms of developing all-round language proficiency. The delivery of the lecture itself will provide an excellent opportunity to develop listening and note taking skills. At the end, to conclude, there will be a question and answer session to allow participants even more interaction.

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